Spokane Window Cleaning

2021 – The heroes are back!

High above the streets of Spokane early Thursday a group of window grime fighters (our guys) donned their superhero suits to give the kids at Sacred Heart’s Children’s Hospital an early morning wake up call.

Visit KXLY News, check out this 2019 video, or see the 2019 Sacred Heart Facebook Gallery

In 2022, we’ll have 30 years of experience in Spokane Window Cleaning services. We’ve added a number of other services over the years and we have one of the friendliest crews around. We are truly the experts in our field and are Bonded, Licensed and Insured — we guarantee our service to your satisfaction.

Our services area covers the northwest and includes:

  • Commercial Window Cleaning
  • Residential Window Cleaning
  • Glass Surface Restoration
  • Glass Scratch Removal
  • Rooftop Flagpole Repair
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Bird Control
  • Rooftop Anchor Points

Please call us at (509) 325-9484 for more information about any of our services.