About Us

Eric Katzer, Owner/Manager

Hi, I’m Eric Katzer and I am the owner and president of WestCoast Window Cleaning, Inc.  I have been in the industry now for 30 years, starting at the age of 16 in Des Moines, IA, then later cleaning windows to work my way through college in Pasadena, CA, and now for 30 years here in Spokane as my wife and I have raised our three children.

The Katzer Family

L to R: Jenny, Tammy, Geoffrey (back), Eric, Michael

After we both wrapped up college in Southern California and our first child was born, we quickly saw the need to leave that area to return to an area closer to one of our families – Spokane, WA or Des Moines, IA.  Well, we are here in Spokane and I am probably not the first guy to bring his bride back to her roots.  As the years have passed, we’ve been more and more convicted that this is the place we were meant to be.

In 1992 I started WestCoast Window Cleaning while Tammy and I managed two ten-unit apartment buildings in the Shadle area.  After 8 years there, and now two more children, the 5 of us moved from a two-bedroom apartment into a small Shadle rancher.  We have moved again since then as our needs have demanded and hopefully this is our final destination.

In business, my passion has always been to provide a quality product in an ethically proper manner.  I also like the challenge and excitement that hi-rise window cleaning offers.  There is nothing quite like climbing off the top of a building knowing that all the safety precautions are covered and you can enjoy the experience.  It’s my personal belief that a hi-rise window cleaning company should be owned and managed by those of us who love the job and know the skills, challenges, and regulations that are unique to our trade.

It is through the grace of God and this business ethic that has allowed WestCoast Window Cleaning, Inc. to successfully grow to where we are and will allow us to continue to grow into the future.

Thanks for giving us a look and I hope we can clean things up over at your place.

~ Eric

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