Commercial Window Cleaning

Is it hi-rise…high-rise…high rise…highrise?  Well, no matter how you spell it, hanging off a building and cleaning windows is the best job I have ever had.  I know that’s why I started WestCoast Window Cleaning, Inc. – a high rise window cleaning company.

Hanging Out At Work
High-Rise Window-Washer Toils Effortlessly Above The City With No-Pane, No-Gain Attitude
Spokesman Review
 - 1997

Since the beginning 30 years ago, we have expanded our services to include residential window cleaning, glass restoration, bird control, rooftop flagpole repair, anchor point installation, and a whole host of, “hey, while your out there, can you take care of something else for me?” services. I love having a company and the crew that’s ready to step up and at least take a look at, if not tackle, whatever we come across.

SAFETY is our greatest, first, and foremost consideration when doing high rise work. The safety of the owner (me), the employees, and the building that is being serviced.  Every spring, before the high-rise season begins, we undertake a thorough training for any new employees and a reorientation for our long-time returning crew.  This includes a complete review of the Chapter 296-878, WAC rules regarding window cleaning as well as the ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 standard.  Now, if you're lingual in safety code… we also cover jieljs. Jdfjps  dviushr94 /lmp9iq   pd094 1’p 09gu4 …..uhmm yah, ok.

After the book learning we then embark on the hands-on training and application exercises for the proper preparation and safety when on a roof and planning to (on purpose) climb off the outside of a building.  This includes identification and checking of safe anchor points and the fact that everyone needs two of these anchor points – one for the safety harness and a separate one for the bosun’s or boatswain’s chair. We then train each person on how, once safely deployed and swinging in the breeze, the procedure, products and techniques used to get a window spotlessly clean.

Also, did you know that the type of knot used is vitally important?  The weakest point in  a knotted rope is the knot itself.  I’m “knot” kidding.  Yeah, I said it.  The breaking strength of any rope is lowered by anywhere from 20% to a whopping 60%, and that percentage is entirely dependent on which type of knot is in use.  The few things mentioned here just scratch the surface of what our hands-on training teaches our employees.  There is absolutely nothing left to chance.

So, when you see our guys hanging out there swinging in the breeze, off the hospital, the Bank of America building, or out at the airport you can feel sure that they are confident in their equipment and their training and are actually enjoying being up there with the birds.

Give us a call for any of your high rise needs - there is nothing we won't consider (much to the chagrin of my wonderful and exceptional wife Tammy).

~ Eric


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