Rooftop Flagpole Repair

Rooftop Flagpole Repair

Eric "Steeplejack" Katzer

Roof top flagpole repair is one of the services we offer.  This service is often bundled in with other services of its type under the heading of steeplejack services.  Steeplejacks are a group of us folks who trace their professional history back about as far as people have been building tall structures.  The term, steeplejack, hearkens back to the early 1800’s and the spires of churches, but the purview of the steeplejack is far older and broader than that.

As soon as people needed to access the otherwise inaccessible top parts of buildings, chimneys, steeples and poles, there have been steeplejacks.  Generally, during the construction of these edifices, scaffold was erected at ever increasing heights for access to the exterior of the structure.  Now, tower cranes rise from cityscapes and deliver materials to dizzying heights.  But, one thing remains the same, when construction is over, the scaffolding and cranes disappear.  That is when, for me, the real fun begins.

Depending on how carefully the architects made provisions for exterior access of the structure, or what type of structure it was in the first place, the services of a steeplejack may eventually be necessary.

Maintenance and repairs comprise most of the work of a steeplejack and flagpole repair is no different.  I have done everything from simply restringing a halyard through the pulley atop a pole to pulling up a hand held band saw, cutting the top of the pole completely off, drilling and tapping new holes through the side of the pole and then affixing a brand new truck assembly on the top.

Why would someone opt to use a steeplejack in lieu of more modern methods? Well, cost is the biggest reason.  On one pole that I worked on in the Seattle area, the work I performed saved the building over $15,000.00 from another option that was available to them.

So, before enlisting the services of a crane or helicopter or building scaffolding to address service issues your rooftop pole or steeple area needs to have done, consider hiring a good old-fashioned steeplejack using state of the art equipment and give us a call.

I’d love to take a look at your needs.

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