Did your windows get "tagged"? Do you have windows or glass doors that have been damaged from repeated use, or have thick hard water stains? We can help! We use a tried-and-true technique of glass polishing to take out scratches and damage, then get your window clear and shiny again. Over several passes of gradually finer grits, we can get the great majority of scratches out as if they were never there. Read more about our process here.

 Rock Island Dam Fish Ladder Glass Restoration

What a way to spend the day!

When the fish ladders are drained of water for maintenance, they call us out to restore the windows through which they count the fish on their journey through the ladder. The deep scratches you can see are from the glass being scrubbed routinely to remove gritty algae that obscures the camera's view. The amount of damage you see here accumulates over 3 years.