Residential Window Cleaning

Spokane window cleaning is a varied and challenging experience. For a window cleaning business to survive, excel, and provide the best window cleaning service available we must employ and train competent people who are trained to use the best window cleaning supplies and equipment available.

WestCoast Window Cleaning sets a high standard in both the commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning arenas. Each type of window cleaning requires special skills and attention to successfully serve you and to set us apart as full service window cleaning business. Although hi-rise window cleaning may be the rock star of window cleaning, it’s in residential window cleaning that our crew will utilize more and varied equipment to accommodate a much wider variety of windows styles and situations.

Spokane Window CleaningWe recognize that there is something more needed when being in your house than solely being there to clean your windows. This is the place where you hang your hat, where you lay your head, where your heart is. This is “home”. We believe we must bring with us a different kind of care and attention than we do with a place of business. We get that, and train our crews with that in mind. We respect your privacy and are aware that where we are working is your sanctuary, place of rest and family and is private.

Exterior access requires ladders of various sizes, long poles, and getting right up next to your windows. The area where we need to stand and place our window cleaning equipment is also often the area where there are flowerbeds, trees and shrubs. Also, there may be a slope, large rocks, or other landscaping details that challenge our ability to access a window. For us, this is just part and parcel of Spokane window cleaning and we have the mind set and equipment to clean any window without intrusion or damage. Some of the challenging homes we have cleaned have required us to rappel off of roofs, bring out the 60’ extension ladder (yes, I said sixty foot), and/or use a water fed pole with de-ionized water which scrubs the window and then dries spot free.

Of course, the interior windows of your home need special care as well. Working in your home requires a different pace than outside you home or cleaning a storefront window or hanging on a building. Your belongings are special to you and we respect that. That is why we will carefully move what needs to be moved, carefully work around what can’t be moved, cover what needs to be covered, and generally protect your property from any foreseeable damage.

But, should an accident occur, which we will do everything in our power to prevent, we are a licensed, bonded and insured company in our 20th year doing Spokane window cleaning.

If we have the opportunity to work for you, we will make every effort to make your Spokane window cleaning a pleasant experience and leave you with a brighter outlook.

Please call us at (509) 325-9484 for more information about any of our services.